Voltaic Solar Panel not charging electron Lipo battery

When i connect the solar panel to electron micro usb , it doesn’t seem to charge the Lipo battery (as the red light on electron doesn’t come on). I have left the set up in the sun and still doesn’t work.I am following the set up described in this tutorial http://www.voltaicsystems.com/blog/building-solar-powered-cloud-connected-devices/ .But i am not using voltaic battery( according to the tutorial you can connect the panel directly to electron microUSB connector). I am using 3.5 Watt Voltaic Solar Panel. What could be wrong here ? Thank you in advance.

does it charge the battery if you plug it into your computer’s USB?

Yes with computer USB works fine.It does charge the battery.

so your electron works with solar, but does not charge the battery?

what are the specs on your LiPo? Is it fully charged?

not enough power then I guess, measure the actual power being put out by the solar panel, what do you get.

Check the voltage output of the solar panel using a voltage meter.