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In short, I have found the need to monitor multiple large grow rooms with data ranging from CO2 levels, Lumens/PAR, Humidity and Temp. while using Losant as the logic for controller relays. I have attached a reference based off of my current prototype. I need help designing PCB for sensors and development for small scale production
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I have used EasyEDA for my PCB design and manufacture. They are very simple (even without experience) and the boards are inexpensive and usually arrive within 1-2 weeks.

Let me know if you need some help with them. - I should have mentioned, I completed a very similar design to this one last year, including the same sensors (at least from what I see in your prototype).

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I apologize for my lack of knowledge on the hardware end. So if I use the Tentacle T3 as my “sensor hub”, use the Particle relay shield as a controller for a few peristaltic pumps such as ( for nutrient and ph. The main issue I’m having though would be designing how to make this for small production. Currently my work requires 300 of these “fully automated grow brain with cloud connectivity” systems and thought that Particle would be a good choice.

Particle, Losant, Relays, and the Whitboxes sensor hub would allow you to have full control over the growing environment.

I have a buddy who is getting licensed for growing1500 plants in Michigan and I plan on setting up the same exact combo to monitor hydro feed and the environment.

I ran the numbers and it’s looking like the cost for all the equipment for each room with all the hydro sensors is around $1000. Your needing to set up 300 rooms so you’re looking at around 300K ± in equipment cost.

Sending the sensor data to Losant is easy, along with setting up the alerts when any of the sensor readings go out of bounds.

If you want a custom board designed, I could possibly help you do it considering I will be needing to do the same thing in the future. First I would just build one of these kits using the off the shelf equipment just to get one setup working and sending data to Losant, and then that will help you figure out exactly how you would want a custom board designed and how many relays are ideal per room.

Are you looking to monitor Hydro or are you talking about measuring 300 individual plant pots that are growing in soil? If you don’t need to measure the Hydro then you don’t need many of the most expensive sensors and it gets cheaper.

Where are you located?

I did have plans at first to make a system where each plant would have a USB powered Photon and report telemetry per plant. I found only feasable way would be to switch to Helium IOT (nooo way) to connect thousands of sensors. My plan now is to have a sensors placed within the grow every 10-20 feet apart to “map” per say the enviorment from CO2 to Humidity per “zone”. Then using the relays to controll everything from lights, to nutrient dosage using the perastilic pumps etc. Bring it all together with Watson IOT for predictive analytics, suggested nutrient dosage changes, climate impact etc.
I’m located in Southern California near Anaheim. I would need great help and have decent budget for pay work/hire etc

Particle and Losant are all you really need.

I don’t think you need a Photon per plant, you could use lower power wireless platforms like Bluetooth, Xbee, or maybe LoRa radios like the FRM915 modules. Then have a single Photon collect and send the data as it receives it.

Some of the sensors could be solar recharged via the HID lights the same as does but you going to pay a lot more if you bought all their equipment vs building your own setup.