Virtual device testing

Just got started with particle device-os and was able to build virtual device successfully. I want to know if I can create multiple virtual devices and connect them to cloud to simulate my device upgrade etc. Should I simulate the cloud side too locally ? , any pointers on how to test without having any hardware on hand ?. thanks

While the virtual device can connect to the cloud and simulate firmware updates, it's not intended for customer user. In particular, you will find it impossible to connect a gcc virtual device to the Particle cloud because there is no way for you to generate valid device IDs and device keys to allow a virtual device to connect to the Particle cloud.

Thanks for the response, so what exactly is the purpose of gcc virtual device ? what use cases does gcc virtual device really support ?

The gcc virtual device is intended for Particle internal testing. Internally we can add gcc devices to the cloud so they can connect, but that feature is not available to our customers.

I see, understood. So , to tryout the platform, I must procure some physical hardware from particle on hand, ? any clever way to dry run or experiment and learn about the platform with buying hardware / waiting for hardware to arrive ?

Can you please confirm that there are no other ways to evaluate this platform so that I can prepare to order some real hardware for further exploration. Thanks

There is no practical way to simulate a device and its connection to the Particle cloud.

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