Vibration frequency spectrum

I am looking to get vibration data from motors off of wood/machine shop tools to predictive maintenance. I am using the Argon and while I am not married to using them, I am currently working with vibration and accelerometer sensors from NCD ( I am looking for an easy way to convert the time-series data from the sensors into frequency spectrum. Has anyone done something list this.

Have you considered FFT?
IIRC there are some FFT libraries available, but I’m not sure whether they are compatible with Gen3.

There is an implementation of the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) in the ADCGen3_RK library. It’s a complex double implementation from this site, with a MIT license (can use in closed source commercial apps without a license).

I used it to convert audio waveforms from the ADC into frequency buckets with magnitude, to display the spectrum on a OLED display, but the library itself is general purpose. You’ll probably need to do some general reading on FFTs to understand the significance of the complex numbers and other features of FFTs.


Thank you for pointing me to the ADCGen3_RK library. I will reteach myself some FFT fundamentals, but I think what is here will do the trick.

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