Version Number must be a positive whole number

Hi there!

I´m trying to upload a binary to a product and I´m facing a problem.
When I added the product I entered the hardware version 1.1, which is the current one.
Now, when I´m uploading the binary, the form in the Version Number field, says that ¨Version Number must be a positive whole number¨.
I´m confused since I was allowed to use 1.1 when I added the product.
Worst, I cannot edit the product name, hardware version neither delete it…

I will appreciate some help! As always thank you for your time.

Hm–@jeiden any thoughts?

Hey Diego,

Sorry for the trouble. I think you are actually mixing up two separate concepts:

  • The hardware version number
  • The firmware version number

What the dashboard is asking when you upload a firmware binary is the firmware version number, which is what you compile into the firmware as PRODUCT_VERSION(X). Check out the docs on rolling out firmware for more information.



@will, @jeiden thank you very much for your reply.
It´s clear now that they reference to different things. My mistake!
What was confusing to me was the PRODUCT_VERSION directive,
that I wrongly associate with the hardware version that I entered for the new product.

Have a great day!
Thank you.