Using Wireshark on the Photon

Does anyone know the type of hardware I would need to be able to use Wireshark on the Photon, or is there another service that’s similar? Thank you

Are you trying to make the Photon into a network packet monitor? If so, there are better options IMO. If not, what exactly are you trying to accomplish?

I guess I am trying to make the Photon into a network packet monitor. I’m looking at how the Photon sends and receives packets from the Particle Cloud. My goal is to communicate with the Photon without using the Particle cloud. It may not be possible. Using Wireshark (or something similar) may give me insight into how that is done. Thanks a lot for your help. Very much appreciated.

There are easier solutions: Use the provided objects TCPClient, TCPServer and UDP (see reference docs - reading those is way easier than interptreting Wireshark output :wink: )
Ontop of these there are libraries available that allow your Photon to talk to a web server (HTTPClient) or act as one (WebServer)
With wireshark you won’t get too much info about the actual data since the cloud communication is encrypted.


just adding that there is also an option available to create a local particle cloud,

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