Using Thingsboard with Tracker Edge?

Anyone using Tracker Edge directly with ThingsBoard?

I have MQTT code that works great with the Photon and ThingsBoard.
However, the same code gives these errors in Tracker Edge:

0000042058 [app] INFO: ThingsBoardServerConnect(): Attempting to connect to Thingsboard server
0000047345 [system] ERROR: Failed to determine server address
0000047346 [system] WARN: Cloud socket connection failed: -230
0000055345 [system] WARN: Internet test failed: DNS
0000055346 [system] WARN: Handling cloud error: 2
0000055446 [system] INFO: Cloud: connecting

I don’t have the source to these errors and warnings, so it’s kind of hard to tell what’s going on. Obviously there is a connection issue, but I would like to debug more and determine the reason.