Using google now voice command with spark?

Hey. i am currently trying to work out how the spark cloud works. I have been able to control a LED with a slider on a webpage i wrote, so far so good. Now i wanna ask if i can make google now voice command call a function on the spark cloud?

How would i go about doing that?

Thanks in advance

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Google Now doesn’t have any APIs that you can tap into. I think they are coming but not available yet.

Now you might be able to do something with the Amazon Echo.

There are various speech recognition API’s available for Android and/or Chrome, for example:

You could use any of those to make an app and then call Spark commands based on the results.


If you want to do voice control from a browser/website, you could look into I have had a brief play with it previously and it looks capable.

It is very possible.

You need a few 3rd party apps for android though, It requires tasker and autoVoice.

There is a few tutorials and some demos of guys who have done it.

im in the process of trying it myself

Thank you so much for the help guys!
Great community! :smiley: