Using ESP8266 (Wifi SOC) with Particle Boron


Has anybody used ESP8266 WIFI SOC with Particle Boron? Since, Boron does not have WIFI capabilities, we would like to use ESP8266WIFI SOC (or any other WIFI SOC) to connect other non-connected devices to internet via this setup.

Basically, a smart device using WIFI protocol will connect to ESP8266 and then the information is routed to internet via Boron Cellular connection.

Please let us know if this scenario is making sense. Are there any other solutions possible to achieve the same goal?


I think you’re probably on the right track. I have been thinking about doing the same thing to get WiFi connectivity to my Boron. You would of course not be able to use the Boron network stack to communicate, unless you wrote a driver. But you could easily connect the two via serial (UART or I2C). The ESP8266 is a very low cost option and is easy to work with. If you kept the code simple enough so as to make sure the ESP8266 doesn’t ever have connectivity or reliability problems, you could even use it as an external watchdog, using a GPIO pin to reset the Boron if needed.