Using chatsim in an Electron


Would it be possible to use the in an Electron and send all messages trough say Telegram?

Their rates of 12€ a year for unlimited messages are a bit better than the traditional plans ($2.49/mo) for the Electron.

They seem a bit obscure about the actual data quota (e.g. US 200 photos (what size???) or 40 videos (what res/duration???) or 80 call minutes) and supported protocol (only supported apps).
What does count as message?

One interesting footnote there

What’s the annual limit anywhere else in MB?

It is unlimited ( ) on the approved applications ( the limit is just for “Multimedia”.

Perhaps it would be an idea for Particle to team up with ChatSim and add communication to the Particle dashboard as an extra service.

I don’t think ChatSim is going to work. Here is a question and answer from the FAQ:

Can I use ChatSim to make phone calls and exchange SMS messages?

No, you cannot make phone calls and exchange SMS messages. You can receive configuration SMS messages for apps and make VoIP calls only with apps that allow it.

I think that these only allow whatsapp etc. since they are funded by part of the advertisement revenue. That is really the only business model that works for “free” here.

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