Using Base RC IDE Builder will not compile [SOLVED]

When I load the Spark Pre-coded Spark’s RC Car Example it will not compile Here is the errors

/bin/sh: -c: line 0: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `’’
/bin/sh: -c: line 1: syntax error: unexpected end of file
make: *** [spark’s_rc_car_example.o] Error 1

Do we have Grimlins from the NSA making our life difficult. ? :smile:

Oddly, if instead of forking the code you copy and paste in a new application, it compiles fine! :open_mouth:

peekay123, Thanks for help.

This is where experienced coders are away ahead of most of the hobbyist “like myself” who will be using a Microcontoller in their projects.

What I had to finally do for the base RC Example IDE code to compile successfully is:

  1. Click on RC IDE Code and prior to selecting “Fork This Example”

  2. Copy all RC code code.

  3. Paste unmodified RC Code in to an ASCII Editor.

  4. Create New APP

  5. Copy unmodified RC Code from ASCII Editor to Spark IDE.

  6. It then successfully compiles.

I assume there are some non-ascii characters in the RC Base code planted by some Grimlins or NSA :smile:

Good job spydrop! Poltergeists are always in the works :smile:

Interestingly enough, even reducing the code to this doesn’t solve it:

It’s like it’s a corrupted file… however I don’t see anything in the change history on the repo Examples that would cause this.

Super weird! @jgoggins, any idea what’s going on?

Take it from an ex-spy (The kind that never received a paycheck from the gov.); NSA :smile:

Now that the fun is over. Could it be as simple as hidden characters ? It works if I post the code in Windows Notepad and paste it back in to IDE - Compiles okay then.

I am just asking ?

Wow guys, this is incredible detective work! Thanks for distilling this problem down to a solution. The Web IDE should be good to go again with this example, let me know if not.

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I love how that pulls from the examples github repo. I want that for my repos! :smile:

Hmm, sounds like a challenge! I’m on it, gonna go build that and be back in 10 minutes. :smile:…But really, I could see that being a pretty awesome capability, to hit a button and have the IDE slurp up a Spark project from GitHub…is that what you were thinking?

Yes! If I could do that easily by providing the repo link, it would allow me to develop locally, push to github, refresh my Build page and suck in the new changes. Even if I have to press a Re-import button on the Build project to pull in changes from github, that would be awexome. Although pulling only when loading wouldn’t be too bad since you are not likely going to click down the list of projects you really don’t want to look at. You are going to scroll to the one you want, and then click on it. It would make sense to auto refresh it from github, but that feature could even be one of those [ ] checkbox items. The other thing that would be cool… if I didn’t have to link each page, and did things similar to how the Examples work… I would provide a json file with the project that told how things should be loaded. In that json file, I could even specify other repo locations for files, maybe another library I’ve developed and I’m maintaining separately.

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Sweet, I think you’re as stoked about this as I am!

Let’s figure out a way to take a step toward this in Sprint 8, starting next week Monday. Given we already have part of this functionality built, it doesn’t seem like it would be that hard. I’ll write up a spec and bounce it off of you sometime early next week before we start working on it.