Usercode will not connect to third party APN [SOLVED]

I am trying to connect my particle to a third party APN (AT&T) with an AT&T sim that works. I have it installed properly and can run diagnostics on it from the AT&T side so no issues with any of that. When I run the simple

#include "cellular_hal.h"
STARTUP(cellular_credentials_set("", "", "", NULL));

and flash it in DFU mode, that works great and I can run AT&T diagnostics to the device and then run my usercode and it works. However once I power it off, it will no longer connect until I flash DFU mode again. I am sure I am missing somthing.

To be clear, I flash the setcreds in DFU mode, then flash userprogram with the same STARTUP code and it works as expected. Unplug power and it no longer connects when power is supplied. I can reproduce the issue.

And then it helps if you put the right APN in… No problems just my own stupity.

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