User submitted libraries - see who uses them?

Hi all

I have submitted a couple of libraries for the (seemingly nonexistant, can we discuss it?) “Spark Internet Button”.
One is a port for the accelerometer and the other for the WS8212 neopixel ring.

I have shared them but they do not appear in the list of shared libraries, instead appearing in “My libraries”.

Is there any way to see who has used my libraries, for end user feedback and suchlike?

On a similar vein, I use a similar cloud based system for prorgamming Arduinos ( and they allow you to view other people’s code unless it is set to private. Does such functionality exist here?


Nope, there’s only user count for public libraries and such metrics is only viewable by the Web IDE team I guess.

Not that they don’t want to share but I think they just havent had it exposed. :smile:

As for the 2nd feature, it’s also not available for now but sounds good to have in future :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response @Kennethlimcp