User published events stopped working - 7 October

I have an argon device that publishes an event every 10 seconds. Since earlier today, it seems like the published events are no longer working. When I monitor the events on console nothing comes through.
The device is on device OS 1.4.0. I have not made any changes to the firmware in the last couple of days (from when it was working to now). The device is on my personal account but we are developing consumer devices based on the P1 chip and this issue is very concerning.
Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?


It’s working now, problem seems to have resolved itself. Really hoping it doesn’t happen again

Actually, I have a device that publishes events that should be picked by Losant and they are no longer being seen by Losant as of about 8PM EDT. My device is fine and I can see events via the console. However, they’re not getting to Losant or at least Losant is not able to see them.

[update] Well…I stand corrected. The messages are getting to Losant, but something there has broken. Sorry for the mis-information.