Use Xenon Bluetooth with Mobile (No Mesh Network)

I have a project where I just want to use my Xenon to turn on sensors when a particular sensor is clicked on an app and transmitted via the Bluetooth on the board.

Is this possible or are the Xenon’s solely capable of only being used in a mesh network? Just want to use the Bluetooth capabilities rather than having to put a HC-05 on my Photon.

It’s possible, but not yet. Bluetooth functionality hasn’t been exposed yet, but is high on the to-do list. Unless you want to compile locally and mess with the system firmware, you’ll have to wait a bit unfortunately.


Not all bad news. Are you aware of any dev boards that have bluetooth (preferably not wifi as well to make it cheaper)? Most seem to be discontinued as I’ve discovered during research.

The ones I’m aware of, that work with Particle are either or the Redbear Duo. Bluz has been discontinued, and Redbear aquired by Particle. Other than those, I’m afraid I can’t help you suggest anything.

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Hello has this functionality been exposed yet? I’d very much like to use these for this as well!

@ptunstall, look here!

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oh wow… today is the blog post announcement too. Interesting! Thanks for the links!!!