Use Pins 41,42,43 on the B524 Module

Quick question: on the datasheet for the B524 it says pins 41,42,43 are reserved, however the footnote says they are available for use on the B523 but function may vary on future modules. Does this mean I can use them? I just need them as GPIOs

I saw on a different post about some pins being reserved as they were the ethernet detect pins, is this a similar situation where I can disable that functionality and just use it as a GPIO?


Those pins can be used as GPIO.

# Pin Common Function nRF52 Description
41 A4 RESERVED3 IO P0.30 Analog input ADC42, and digital GPIO.
42 D2 RESERVED3 IO P1.02 UART flow control RTS, SDA1 (Wire1), SPI1 SCK, digital only GPIO.
43 A5 RESERVED3 IO P0.31 Analog input ADC52, and digital GPIO.

They're marked RESERVED3 because future M.2 SOMs might use those pins as something other than GPIO, however all current and near-future devices use those pins as GPIO.

The Ethernet reserved pins are somewhat different in that they only matter if you're using Ethernet. Also, in Device OS 5.3.0 and later you can change the RESET, CS, and INT pins to other pins.

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