USB Type A interface with E Series

I am currently working on a PCB design using the E series board. I ordered the boards, but didn’t noticed I used USB type-A ports in my design. So currently, I have USB Type-A female connectors on my PCB. I looked at the data sheet and so far I haven’t been able to find anything that would suggest I can’t. Obviously a little bit of an oversight and now I need to go by some USB A to A cables.

Can anyone let me know if using these USB Type-A ports would be okay?

USB Type-A receptacles are usually reserved for USB hosts to which other devices want to connect to.
So with that choice you’ll always run into the problem that you will be incompatible with virtually any other device or standard cable.

While there is no “law” against it, doing it would be like creating a USB keyboard with a Type-A receptacle :wink:

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