Uploading file to SARA R4 filesystem by Serial on Boron LTE

Hi all,

I’m developing code for Particle Boron with Workbench IDE. The deviceOS version I’m using is deviceOS@1.2.0-beta.1.

Currently, I’m using cellular.Command() function in order to send some AT Commands to SARA R4 module, and in my project I need to manage files in SARA module filesystem.

I have been able to list and read files with AT+URDFILE and AT+ULSTFILE AT commands, but I don’t know how to download new files using Serial connection.

I can send AT+UDWNFILE command, but after that, I don’t know how to send by serial port the stream of bytes.

Any idea?

Thank you,

Manuel Montenegro

PD-Here is AT Commands manual

It’s not currently possible because there is no way to send the AT+DWNFILE command and then immediately send the file data. There would need to be a new API, like a variation of Cellular.command that allows the additional data to be passed.

It can be done with a fork of Device OS fairly easily, but there’s no safe way to do it from user firmware at this time.

Could you, please, show me what should I modify on deviceOS firmware?

I can modify it and recompile deviceOS.

Thank you

What could be the easiest way to download a file to SARA module?