University enterprise network environments

Hi all,

I’m teaching in a university environment with enterprise networking. From what I’ve read in the forums, it seems enterprise network support is not in place yet. Our network engineers are willing to create custom networks and make firewall modifications.

Does anyone else have experience in a similar situation, and if so, how did you approach configuring the network? Custom SSID? Firewall exceptions? Other strategies?



Hi @shawn.s.jordan,

I work in a medium size hospital, and chosen the custom SSID way with an ad-hoc set of firewall rules managing Internet and local access. The choice was natural for us, since most mobile medical devices (e.g. ECG machines) cannot join an enterprise network also. The whole network infrastructure is large and complicated and we don’t manage it, so I am eagerly waiting for an SDN capable switch to replace the firewall for the Photons VLAN. But this is another story…

Hope it helps,