Unfair topic, I hope to call on more people to cry for me


I just posted a topic, however two members said to me that the topic is a spam, so I feel it is unfair and they don’t have right to lock the topic for you. I am just introducing a product.What do you think ? Do you think it’s unfair to me ? I need to seek help from you, guys. What happened, guys ?


Which part of your product is related to the following guideline for the community forum?

About Particle

Discourse about Particle devices, the Particle cloud, and all things related to connected devices in the IoT era.

As for content moderation, by signing up for an account in this forum, you agree that:

In order to maintain our community, moderators reserve the right to remove any content and any user account for any reason at any time. Moderators do not preview new posts in any way; the moderators and site operators take no responsibility for any content posted by the community.

Does your company’s DSL filter connect to the internet or uses a Particle product?

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) filters, also known as micro-filters, are small in-line devices sometimes required for DSL installations. They filter line interference to standard telephone equipment when phones share the same lines as DSL service. Not all setups require the use of a DSL filter, though they are often needed for each phone connection.


I do agree with the decision since this is not and advertisment platform for any arbitrary device or individual.


no, this topic is not related to my comany. I am just interested in DSL filter. I don’t know why I can not post this topic on the forum.


If your topic is not related to any of the listed above, it is not suitable for this forum. Please consider approach other forums. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Don’t you think it is unfair to anyone ?


You need to read the forum rules and obey to them


but it is not necessary to ban others’ rights to access into this forum. Anyway, it is not accessable.


It does not fit the topic of the forum so it has no place on it - that’s why it’s unlisted and that won’t change.


I can understand that, but my real meaning is that even if the topic is not listed, the moderator does not right to cancel my right to access into the forum. Do you think I am right ?


The moderators have every right to cancel an account when an individual is not obeying the rules.

What you just had on the other thread was an official warning.
The next step would be a ban.

This ban would only apply to this forum and not infringe your ability to use your developer account on particle.io
And even if your forum account was banned, you could still browse the board without being logged in.

We can pin @KyleG for the official stand of :particle: Particle in that regard, but the limits are set.


but it is unfair to anyone who wants to share the interesting part on this forum.


What is really unfair is that others would be able to use this forum as a means to advertise completely unrelated items. It’s unfair to the people putting time and effort into making this forum a nice place to be. It’s unfair to Particle, who’s amazing platform you’re leeching using it to advertise.

These forums are for Particle related topics, any other topics, such as advertisements, do not belong here. The rules are in place to keep this forum a nice place to be, and if warning people isn’t enough to enforce that (you’ve had three topics locked and unlisted), then further steps will be taken if deemed necessary.

If all you want is to share interesting content, then please make a Wikipedia page. (Rather than taking an existing Wikipedia page, adding your ads to it, and posting it here)


I’d add … and focused … forum.
If we would not counteract any attempt (where yours aren’t the first) to abuse this forum for other puposes, the actual focus group of :particle: Particle Enthusiasts would be pestered with unrelated, unsolicited and unwanted spam.
If one of them/us would want to know about Tilt sensors, Fibre optics or DSL filters we would google for it and we would find exactly these informations you were just copy-pasting into your - now hidden and flagged - posts. Hence there is no added value for the target audience of this forum in repeating platitudes and that is what makes such post spam - which everybody hates and we don’t want on this board.
And this is our fair right and privilege and we mods see ourselves as attorneys for the community and :particle: Particle to uphold that principle of staying focused as good as goes.



Let me introduce myself. My name is Kyle and I am Particles forum moderator. I just read through both this and the other thread and I am agreeing with what the Elites are saying. Our forums are meant to discuss our products, and not to advertise other products. While you said here that this product is not related to your company, it still does not relate to our products.

As mentioned above by ScruffR, moderators are allowed to delete, lock or ban any posts or individuals to make sure that our forums are following the guidelines that was linked to above. As mentioned you can still post to the forums unless you are banned, but if banned you can only read.

If you would like to, you can PM me directly and we can further discuss this.

Kyle @ Particle