Unexpected Token Error Message Web Hook

Ok so I have been working on this all day to no avail. I made a duplicate of an app and created a new webhook with a new name. I copied all that same data over from one to the other. The only thing I changed are the names of the app, webhook name, and google sheet that the webhook posts too. The google script is working as I can test it from the script editor and it will create a new line in sheets.

I tried starting all over from scratch. Deleted the google sheet, deleted the script, deleted the webhook, deleted the app, still getting the same error. This is driving me nuts since all the data and code is the same except for the name of the webhook. I even tried renaming the webhook, the app, the google sheet. Ugh.

I hope this is just a typical rooking mistake as most of mine are. Please let me know if you see can spot the error.

Error from Particle Console. Running particle photon (Default 0.7.0 firmware)

{“result”:“error”,“error”:{“message”:"Unexpected token:

{“data”:"{“result”:“error”,“error”:{“message”:“Unexpected token: n”,“name”:“SyntaxError”,“fileName”:“Code (acmeflow)”,“lineNumber”:44,“stack”:"\tat Code (acmeflow):44 (handleResponse)\n\tat Code (acmeflow):22 (doPost)\n"}}",“ttl”:60,“published_at”:“2018-05-03T19:59:49.108Z”,“coreid”:“particle-internal”,“name”:“hook-response/acmeflowhook/0”}

Update. The last straw was to convert the Webhook Request Format from “Web Form” to “JSON”. The error went away and the data stared populating in the sheet. Not sure why I was getting the error on this app and not the other one. I will leave this unresolved for a day just incase someone can spot the error.