Unexpected lockup of Photon with SparkFun PowerShield

Not sure but in my other post Solar Powered Spark Core before finding your, that was evoked.

I’ve not been as far as you, but if you compare two boards, one arduino and one Photon with same battery and same solar panel, the Photons loses energy while the arduino no or even saves some:

That is why I’m also interrested in your script as you go a step further yet than me.

Let me clean my code and repost it here…

As far as arduino using less I guess that comes from not being wifi enabled and also maybe having a less powerful processor by a big stretch than photon?

@frlobo yes and no, the one I use is a single board without leds, but with a radio nrf24l01+ and it has a bug that he can’t sleep… on the board I have solar/lipo management all in one, so quite useful for a standalone mode.

@epierre, the power used by the nrf module is not comparable to wifi so of course the Photon will use more if power management is not implemented. :wink:

@peekay123 Sure, and I guess this is what we are investigating here :wink:

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