Unable to open USB device

I tried to re-use a Photon that wasn’t in use since 2019.
WIFI-connection is OK. But no Cloud.
Using Device Doctor in the Dos -screen, the program seems to run, but after a while I always get the message : “unable to open USB-device”. Testing with several original cables I always get the same result.
What do I have to do to solve this problem ?
On beforehand THX

Hi, if you have the source code for what is running on the Photon or don’t care about losing what it has now, I would restore it and install Tinker on it with the device restore tool.

If you still get the message, I would perhaps re-install particle CLI (maybe the drivers you have are old or not properly installed anymore?

Best of luck

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thx for your suggestion.
I followed the Device Restore Tool and this intervention had succes !
Again Thx

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