Ublox TX Power control

Is there or will there be a way to control the TX power output with the E series? I am building a battery opereated device that does not allow for space of a 2000mA battery.

I have a 600mA 2C rated battery (effectivly able to supply 1,200mA), but the Eseries needs upto 1800mA burst for transmissions on 2G fallback.

I have a few options and am trying to decide the best way to go.

  1. Disable 2G
  2. Adjust 2G transmission power down to 1200mA max draw
  3. Add cap farm to battery pin (3x 330uF, 40mOhm ESR), could mess with battery charging etc.

Thoughts would be appreaciated.

This place sells some 750mA LiPo cells with 7.5 amp discharge rates.