Ubidots LIVE! - Library update

Hi everybody, my name is Catalina, developer at Ubidots. We are glad to announce a new release of our library for Particle devices and we would like to invite you guys to join us to our FB live tomorrow
at 12:00 PST :slight_smile:

We will be answering all your doubts and feedback about the integration between Particle and Ubidots.

Have a nice rest of day!

You know that tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US, correct?


LOL… or restated as:

“You know you’ll be live streaming in the middle of the largest, or second largest, national holiday in the US. Right?”

And on PST… I’ll be finishing a meal with my in-laws and getting ready to leave for another meal with my family.


We know! We will be celebrating on our headquarters from Medellin, but there are some of our clients that are from other countries so we decided to keep the schedule.
Still, we will keep it on our Youtube channel, so please write your questions today and we will answer. Also please watch it later and let us know if it was helpful and what else would you like to know about Particle and Ubidots let us know so we can create more useful content. :slight_smile: