Typed Email Wrong!

If you fat fingered your email when registering your core, how do you tie it to the correct email?

On a similar note, please for the love of Pete confirm the email in the IOS app!

Maybe reset the core?

From the docs:

The MODE button serves three functions:
Hold down the MODE button for three seconds to put the Core into Smart Config mode to connect it to your local Wi-Fi network. The LED should start flashing blue.
Hold down the MODE button for ten seconds to clear the Core’s memory of Wi-Fi networks.

I did try that first thing. The reset works just fine, and it discovers my network again just fine, but I think since the ID of the core is stored on another email address in the cloud, the app is unable to “claim the core”.

I even tried adding the core ID through the web interface and it says something like “unable to claim core”.

My guess is that the incorrect email address needs to “forget” the core before the correct email address can claim it, but I can find no way to do that.

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Hey Matt,

You can email me at david@spark.io, with your mistaken email, and your preferred email and I can help update your account and core.


Also, @mattrcampbell this is definitely an issue we’ll have to address more broadly, but for now @Dave can help you out behind the scenes.