Two photons with same Device ID

well, sort of…
first device: name=jacks_photon3, device ID= 420025001347353136383631
second dev: name=jacks_photon4, device ID= 240024000c47353136383631

noticee that the last 12 digits are the same.

I recently enabled/powered up for programing the photon4 device. the console is reporting that Photon3 is going OFFline at the same time as photon reports ONline. It interrupts downloading as well as normat operations.

is there a way to fix this, or am I chasing my tail?

BTW, Photon3 is running a program that sets a static IP.

What happens if you use them one at a time? Does that still happen?

I don’t think the interruption is caused by the same last 12 digits though.

As long as Photon4 is powered down, every thing is OK. (I can plug in Photon2, install the program that was in 4, and 2 and 3, or just 3, run fine). Turning 3 OFF-power down, will allow 4 to run OK.

If 3 is on, 4 will run for a one to 4 minutes, then 4 will display a fast flash cyan (same color as breathing cyan) for 30? seconds then fast flash twice a yellow-red, then a couple green fast flashes, then back to breathing cyan. 4 will cycle through this repeatedly. When I went to look at 3, 3 was showing similar character. I have not verified the ‘one to 4 min’ interval timing.

Thanks for replying… July 4th hard to get free to test.

Details are very important here.

You say:

The static IP setting is sticky. What that means, is the static IP setting remains even if you switch to another program. if you want to switch back to dynamic IP, your code must explicitly set it to dynamic IP.

My guess is that accidentally you have more than one Photon using the same static IP, especially when installing a program on different devices. Carefully check that out and make sure each Photon has its IP setup correctly, and let us know if that solves it.


As @cyclin_al said, you probably have an IP issue.
Your router obviously does give out the IP you use as static IP as DHCP IP too and hence when a device gets this IP dynamically and then the static device demands the same IP you got a collision.

You should only use IPs outside the DHCP range for static and/or reserve these IPs as static on your router.

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