Turn on led's when dht22 reaches a certain temperature

Is it possible to make the photon turn on/off led’s when a dht22 reaches a certain temperature? I have seen this done but it usually involves two photon’s. What I would like to do is modify this project (https://www.hackster.io/krvarma/particle-alexa-5bc196) so that the led’s come on when it’s too hot and too cold. The temperature part of this project is very useful but the led’s not so much as it stands for me. Use a green led if it fits my temperature range and red when it doesn’t. I currently have the mentioned project on hackster working fine.

Certainly possible! What have you tried so far, and what are you struggling with?

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I’m new to particle and wanted to make sure that it was possible before I go spending hours to figure it out. I appreciate the response.

It’s certainly possible to turn LEDs on/off due to temperature changes. You could use a tri-color LED which could turn red or green depending on the situation.

I just finished a project to monitor temp/humidity/etc in a computer room and turn LEDs to certain colors based on temperature high/low thresholds.

As @Moors7 asked, what exactly have you tried?

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I haven’t dug any deeper since completing the project. That was my first attempt at anything like this. I wanted to make sure it was possible before I attempted to learn the programming. I’m not a programmer by any means but in recent years I have learned python. It was for creating product libraries in blender but it got my feet wet. After reading the docs on particle.io what is the next best resource for beginners?

I use a Photon with LEDs in my 3D printing enclosure to give me a visual indication of the enclosure’s temperature prior to and during printing. It blinks blue if it’s too cold, steady blue if it’s within the range I find acceptable, and then flashes red if it’s getting too hot. The nice thing is with the Photon is I can also view the environment on my smart phone with Blynk and it’ll send me warnings if it gets too hot.

The way I learned was with a Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit for Photon (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13320). They have great tutorials that will walk you through all the wiring and programming. Plus their customer support is great. I see Particle also has a Maker Kit which I’m guessing is similar.

You will find lots of help here on the forum but you should get knee deep before asking for help. But to answer your original question, it is easy to make some LEDs blink at specific temperatures or temperature range and you will only need one Photon.