Trouble connecting to the Particle Cloud

I connected the Particle Photon to the Google Wifi. It blinks green and then blinks white over and over. I opened the google wifi and it seems to be connecting and then disconnecting every few seconds. How can I get the Photon to connect to the Particle Cloud. I have a Raspberry Pi connected to the Particle Cloud via the Google Wifi and it works fine. The Particle Photon keeps trying to connect to and judging by my logs on my dns server.

What’s a Google Wifi?

It’s a Wi-Fi router.

You might want to check if it is broadcasting a 5GHz SSID that is the same as 2.4GHz.

Did you use the CLI or mobile app to setup the SSID on the photon?

The used the cli (particle serial wifi). If it wasn’t connected to the network how could it make dns requests?

I believe I found the problem. The IP Address of the Particle Photon is but the Google Wifi subnet starts with How can I reset the Particle Photon and get it to use the Google Wifi’s subnet?
Update: I flashed the Particle Photon with a update via dfu-util but it still isn’t connecting to the Particle Cloud and is still trying to use

Never mind got it to work. Solution:
void setup()
void loop()