Trill Touch Sensors by Bela

Less of a tutorial and more of a shout-out about a device (3 types of which) I received yesterday after subscribing to a Kickstarter project.

Trill is a family of touch sensors that was inspired by the way we use our hands to interact with the world. Trill uses capacitive touch sensing to precisely track finger movements, making high-resolution touch sensing accessible to creators who want to incorporate touch into their interactive projects.

Trill was developed by the Bela team, and was funded on Kickstarter in Fall 2019. Though Trill was designed for use with Bela, every Trill touch sensor is compatible with any system that uses I2C communication, such as Arduino.

There are five different types of Trill: Bar, Square, Craft, Hex, and Ring. Though each type of Trill sensor offers different capabilities, the underlying technology is the same for all of them.

You can learn more here

I have ported the arduino drivers and examples to Particle and will try and get them into the Community library if there is interest. Likes make libraries.

[Update] The folks at Bela are super quick and keen - they have fixed the problem with the Wire.h implementation not defining the (default) buffer size - Arduino libraries are here:


@armor, what project(s) do you intend to use these Trill sensors for?

Good question, I originally bought the Bar thinking about using it to replace 4 capacitive touch buttons on a main motherboard or rather use the controller (Craft) to make a more sophisticated user interface where scrolling is a bit painful with repeated button presses. Then later I added the Square and Ring because I thought they may be useful for make a clever interface. Each sensor can track up to 5 touches and as well as position you get pressure/area. So with some gesture recognition much could be possible - passcode input? The company, Bela, started with alternative musical instruments and Trill is an human interface to those. Have you got any ideas?