Transfer a Core from one account to another account

I’m trying to remove a core from one account and claim it on another account but I have not been able to find a way to remove it from the account it is currently claimed on. If I try to claim it on the second account it says that it “Could not claim core.” Is there any directions on how to do this?

Excellent question @zophar73. This is on our short list, but not possible now. Email me at with the old and new email address, and the Core ID, and I’ll get you squared away ASAP.

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For future reference this is now possible in the web IDE.

If you view your Cores and click the arrow next to a Core, a blue “Remove Core” button appears. After you click that, someone else can claim the removed Core.

@zach hat if I do not have access any more to the account the core was claimed with? I am trying to make use of core id 53ff70066667574834472367 but it was claimed with an account from soemone else (we did a workshop in muc, you remember?) Is there a chance you can unclaim this from your side?

We do have a process for transferring ownership of Cores, but it’s manual behind the scenes; send us an email at and we can take care of you there!