Tracker - Unclaiming / Transferring Ownership / Shipping Mode

Hi, is there any way to put Tracker One in shipping mode after unclaiming the device? I know there is a {“cmd”:“enter_shipping”} but I rather unclaim the device when it’s still online before transferring the ownership.

Thank you.

Tracker - Unclaiming / Transferring Ownership / Shipping Mode

Unclaiming does not require the device to be online, so put it in shipping mode first, then unclaim it.

Also, devices running Tracker Edge firmware don’t need to be claimed at all, they run properly as unclaimed product devices. You may want to claim them during development to make flashing the devices easier OTA, but you should not have to claim customer devices.

If you’ve customized the Tracker Edge software and subscribe to events on the device from your firmware you’ll still need to claim, as unclaimed product devices cannot subscribe to events. Functions and variables can be used with unclaimed product devices.