Tracker SOM, Publish to Particle Cloud


I am New to Particle Cloud and I want to send the data from a sensor to particle cloud continuously for every second. Can someone help me about this a sample or example firmware codes ??


That rate is not recommended. Publishing one event per second would use over 3,100,001 data operations per month for a single device. The allowance is 100,000 in the free plan.

On a paid plan, that would require 5 growth blocks for each device, which would cost $1,495 per month, per device.

Sorry it was an example scenario i explained, But i am looking for some examples to publish to cloud from Tracker SOM Eval Board.

If you want to add additional sensor info to the normal location publish, see the Temperature and Humidity Example.

We strongly recommend starting from the Tracker Edge Firmware. Follow the instructions there to build and flash the standard Tracker Edge, then use that as a basis for adding publishing.

To do that, read the sensor and add Particle.publish to the loop function when Particle.connected() is true.

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