Tracker One Map Console Display in Safari

When I view the tracker map display in Firefox, I get the proper display. But when I use Safari I get this. Is there a browser compatibility issue?

Thanks, Chip

Hi @chipmc - I can’t reproduce on Safari, unfortunately. Informally, I’d say that I typically encourage folks to use a browser other than Safari. But if you can reproduce after resetting that browser and ensuring its updated, I can bring this back to our Console team.

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@marekparticle ,

Yes, reset everything and am on the very latest: Version 14.0.3 (16610.

While I can use other browsers, I have very much appreciated the Safari support Particle offers on everything else. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Chip

Just to confirm, because it’s a little hard to tell from the screenshot - the issue is that the map view is smushed vertically, yes?

Yes, exactly

Hi @chipmc,

The team responsible was able to reproduce internally and have enqueued work to fix it.

Thanks for reporting it!

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