Tracker Evaluation Board stuck in blinking green

I’m trying to use Tracker SOM Evaluation Board for development. After connecting all antennae, USB cord and powering up board it starts blinking green and does it forever. The “particle usb” commands work. But I can’t add device to my account - “particle device add” fails claiming device is not connected to cloud. I was able to find documentation which says blinking green means SIM card need to be activated. But I also found documentation which says integrated SIM cards do not need to be activated. Still I tried to follow SIM activation instructions but those are either outdated or do not apply to Tracker as Board came with no information mentioned in documentation.

Actually I do not need Cloud functionality for my application. So I tried to compile and flash minimal application and DeviceOS following documentation which says Cloud functionality can be turned off by supplying SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL). But that did not help. Actually it looks like after flash and reset my code in setup() and loop() is never reached (I tried to take over status LED and activate SerialLogHandler but neither LED changed behavior nor Serial USB device appeared) and Board keeps blinking green.

Hi @akonstantinov

Sorry to hear about the issues you are facing.

Please try to install Tinker and see if it works towards resetting the device to a ready state for connection.

If the above does not work, please create a ticket at . Please retrieve and attach Cloud Debug logs to the ticket.

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