Touchscreen with OTA / Remote code change ability

I’m looking for a touchscreen to connect to the Photon that can be updated remotely through the photon.

The screen will have a GUI that uses images to theme the buttons and background.

The idea is product updates could change the look, feel and functionality of the touchscreen.

I’ve used 4D systems screens in the past but those require an update to an SD card with images.

Thanks for your help.

I came across this old thread trying to answer to question of how to Get an OTA updatable display that can rival the Nextion or other WYSIWYG Displays.

My device is not able to be accessed by SD card to update the display, but I may need to update the UI menus in the future.

To avoid needing to use SD cards to update your display you should use a rendering library such as Adafruit ILI9341 library so you can display your own graphics.

Simple example using Monochrome OLED.

Making Custom Bitmap Graphics:

Animations such as dials and bar sliders:

Finally: The coolest color menu screen I have found using Adafruit_GFX.

One more! Adafruit has an example where they display weather data to a screen:

This seems like the path forward for achiving what the OP was asking about.