TizMore Project, an introduction

I am creating the TizMore: The IOT building block
TizMore, based on Spark off course, will have a suite of apps that turn the Spark in a real life IOT device. With this I mean a device that everybody can use. It comes in an enclosure, with screw terminals and on board power supply. It will be CE certified and can be used for the following applications:

Dooropeners - Green houses - Home Automation (ISM transmit and receive) - Thermostat - Alarms - Machine control- and many more!

TizMore has the following specs: 3 triac mains switches (5A) - 1 NO/NC relay, amplified DAC output (photon) or PWM 5 volt output - RF transmitter/receiver to control all kind of appliances - PH sensor input, 3 analog inputs for e.g. thermistors, LDR’s - Serial TTL - Thermocouple input. Tizmore comes in a water resistant IP44 enclosure.
The Android App auto-configures the device, Tinker not needed. The following apps will be available: Thermostat with wheater forecast, multiple sensors. Switching app for RF controlled appliances, app for temp and PH, like fishtanks and hydroponic plant systems. And later this year the CreateTiz app that makes it possible to drag and drop your own app together.

Every app will take care of installing the correct firmware.
For makers Tizmore will be the perfect solution to skip bread-boarding and create a working product at once.