Tips on where to begin with this

Anyone have some input on what devices to use and where to start with this little project?

Got a link that’s not to Facebook so I know what you’re talking about?

I was afraid of that, I’ll see if I can find a YouTube link.

Found a better link and some keywords to look up.

Looks like you need at least two stepper motors or servos with a fairly fast movement as well as precise control. And then for the glass plate, you need a way to sense position; so probably a touch screen overlay of some sort. PID control sounds correct and there is a PID library out there. You need 2 PID instances, one for X and one for Y. And finally, set aside a lot of time for writing code.

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Part 2 of that video is a great place to begin!


@HEng I didn’t see that link, thanks for sharing it. Looks like I’m ordering some parts tomorrow.