Time to first connection


does someone know how much time the CC3000 Wi-Fi module needs to connect to an AccessPoint? Are we talking about a second, 10 seconds, half a minute or even a minute? When can the core successfully send his first “I am alive”-signal?

I am thinking of an usecase where the user turns the core on and wants to see the status (optimally) immediately.


The first time you set up the Core, it can take between 10 to 30 seconds to connect to the network. After initial setup, it reconnects very quickly; the time varies (I imagine based on a number of factors, we haven’t tested comprehensively) but it’s on the order of one second to a couple seconds.

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Thanks, @zach, this is great!

For me it takes less than 5 seconds to reconnect … but my access point is very close… and I’ve had troubles with access points that are farther away. I’ll have to experiment with the signal strength/distance to get a feel for that.

It would nice to have comparison between smartphone and Core wifi signal strenghts. My wifi is at one end of long house (because modem position was decided before the wifi era) and my smartphones have hard time to stay connected at the other end of house. But the wifi signal in smartphone gets better if I don’t hold phone in hands or pocket, so I guess Core could have a change to survive in these conditions.

I’ll get few of my Cores with uFL just to be sure.

@weakset I’m guessing that if your smartphones have trouble connecting, the Core will have trouble connecting too. They may work, but erratically; I would definitely recommend the u.FL connector version because that’s a very solvable problem with the right antenna.