Temperature Sensor Recommentation

I am looking for a non-contact human body temperature sensor for Particle/Arduino platform. I checked many websites and all I found are sensors with large measurement range but low accuracy. The body temperature is within small range (e.g. 35~40C) with high accuracy (plus/minus 0.3C). Could you please recommend some? Thanks.

A Thermopile IR sensor of the accuracy required and with an I2C interface.

I have used MLX90614 single element with an accuracy of +/- 0.5C at room temperature - it works well but you need to filter the output reading - not sure what responsiveness you want. I guess you are thinking non-contact human temperature reading?

Thanks for the reply. I want to read the human temperature within the distance of 3 to 4 feet.
+/-0.5C is kind of high for this case. +/-0.3C or 0.1C will be great to have.

Suggest you do a bit of googling - the more accurate the more expensive the sensor will become - also at 3-4 feet you will also be reading the background temperature as well as the foreground/subject bear that in mind - if you were reading from 2-4cm (like in your ear) then you could probably get greater accuracy from the MLX90614 - it is not a medical grade device. Also the accuracy of the thermal cameras is questionable - more of a confidence thing IMHO.

Thanks for the suggestion. I was looking for a non-contact sensor for human body temperature. The one you mentioned is for indoor/outdoor environment sensor.

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