TCPServer isnt working - no ARP response

I’m trying to use the example TCPServer code on my Photon, but am unable to connect to it. The Photon itself is able to connect the internet to receive firmware updates via the Particle Dev environment, and I can see that it has a DHCP lease, so it obviously has network connectivity. Yet when I try to telnet in to it, and sniff the line with WireShark, all I can see is my computer sending ARP broadcasts, but never receiving a response.

Does anyone have a idea why my Photon isnt responding to the ARP requests?

Well this is odd, it can ping my router and my router can ping it, yet for whatever reason my laptop isnt able to. I can only assume this is a problem on my end, and i’d delete this thread but i’m not sure how.

I’m having the exact same problem:

Photon has network connectivity and responds to pings from my router.

When I try to ping it from my laptop (also wireless, on the same subnet), I see the arp request leaving my laptop but no response from the Photon.

What did you do to resolve the problem?