System.on button click for external button

Good Morning.

I was wondering if the below button click handler could work on external buttons. It is working very well on Argon mode button.

 System.on(button_click, systemEventHandler);// Set up button event handler

void systemEventHandler(system_event_t event, int duration, void* )
   //button event handler for enrollment
    if(event == button_click) {
        } else {
            Serial.println("Beacon Enrollment on\n");


// Check if enrolling is on
bool isBeaconEnrollModeOn() {
    return (enrollBeacons);

// Set enrolling on
void setBeaconEnrollModeOn() {
      enrollBeacons=1;// enrollemnt is on

// Set enrolling off
void setBeaconEnrollModeOff() {
  enrollBeacons = 0;// enrollment is off

I want to be able to use it on my external button if I change “event” and “Button_click”
to LOAD and buttonLOAD (which is my external button)

const int LOAD = D3;
int buttonLOAD;//holds button load value
pinMode(LOAD, INPUT);//output for triggered led


No, the internal button handler cannot be used for external buttons.

There are many libraries to handle debouncing of external buttons. I often use the Debounce library in the community libraries.

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