system_manual or system_semi_automatic

i want to conserve battery from the project im doing so i want to use the new feature of system_manual or the system_semi_automatic and it flows like a loop

— the initial state is in interrupt (wifi.sleep)
— next is when a button is press-and-held for 5seconds (using click.button library) an LED will blink to signal that the spark is waking up to be reconnected (like the LED mounted on the spark, i want to have an external button as an interrupt)
— after the button is pressed it will now call a main function to do its work
— then after 15minutes of delay of the whole program, it will go back again to sleep waiting again for the button to be pressed.

@paolosofio01, you have already made this request in this post:

Please stick to one topic. From the tone of your post, you seem to be looking for someone to write the code for you. If so then I recommend stating that clearly so someone can chose to help you or not. :smile:


is there anyone who would gladly help me work this thing out? please?