Supported Android devices

I’m Shoubhik from .
Does the setting up of the photon with the WiFi network involve tethering ?
Could you please tell us which Android devices have the photon been tested & certified with ?


@sbose_greenopia, the Photon uses softAP to (software access point) to enable wifi configuration via an Android or IOS app. In the next firmware release (in a couple of weeks), it will also be possible to configure the wifi via a web browser.

Apart of Android, IOS and brower configuration, the Photon wifi can also be configured using its USB port via Particle CLI or a serial terminal application on a PC. Lots of options!

As for which versions of Android is compatible, I’ll defer that to @ido, the amazing Particle app developer :smile:

The Photon Soft AP setup has been tested with at least:
Nexus 6
Nexus 5
Nexus 7 (both 2012 and 2013)
Galaxy S5
HTC One (M8)
Moto G (non-LTE)
Galaxy Nexus
(and several more)

Unlike the previous TI-based setup solution (smartConfig), this one is far less dependent on specific Wi-Fi hardware and/or Android OS version. The only limitation for devices is our minimum Android version: we require Android 4.0 (API 15), but that’s 94% of active global users as of last month.