Suggestions for live video service?

I have successfully built a robot that responds to commands via the web.
Any suggestions on the best way to stream video of/from it so I can see it when not in the same room? I tried, but the delay was unbearable.

Thanks for any advice, I know this is off topic.

What about using the classic VLC in a local configuration? I believe anything that goes out to the internet and back to the PC is going to have a huge latency.

You may want to use WebRTC protocol (P2P). First you need to download libjingle native implementation from github.

Follow this link:

With this native API you can make a program that can make a call to a browser via a signalling channel like websocket or XHR. Then you can send both audio/video and command over P2P connection between your local PC(connected also Spark) and remote PC(browser).