Suggestion to add StartWiFi()

Spark team, how about adding a new function called StartWiFi() or something to that effect to void setup() ?

I would like to initialize any peripherals i have first and then let the Wifi start up and do it thing. Reason being if it cannot connect to the Wifi or the network is down, i do want to wait until it can connect before it initializes my devices.

A good example would be if i had a LCD. I power on the device and it cannot connect. my LCD is uninitialized this whole time until it can. Whereas if there was a StartWiFi() call. i could initialize the LCD, and show connecting WIFI on the lcd, then call StartWiFi(), and wait until it connects.


This might also be an option to allow a periodic re-try of StartWifi() under developer control rather than under core control. Further extended with an option to StopWifi() to conserve power.

For remote sensing applications that may be power scarce, the ability to have control over when Wifi is powered on, so you can do periodic uploads / downloads, might be useful.