Suggestion: A real store page

I have a birthday coming up and wanted to add the :spark: to my Amazon wish list. I did manage to add it to my wish list (quantity 100 :wink:), but am afraid some in my parents generation may have issues with finding the “Store” link in the upper right corner of the home page and figuring out the shopping cart. A real store page that isn’t a modal might help for this. I know implementing an e-commerce storefront isn’t the easiest or most fun thing to do, but it would definitely help out for wish lists. I’m pretty sure everyone who buys a :spark: has a birthday, so it could help everyone out!

Does it work from here?

They just package this up into a modal on the home page.

Good call! Maybe a more obvious link to it instead? I tried “sniffing” it out using the JavaScript console, but nothing obvious popped out to me.

We’re actually switching e-commerce providers soon from Celery to Shopify; once that happens we’ll have a much more robust store :slight_smile: