Streamline analytics for analog sensor operated with Wireless 4-20mA Transmitter

Hello, Using the reading manual and trying to build a solution with particle photon to monitor the readings of my analog sensor which is using 4-20mA criteria with wireless 4-20mA transmitter,
So could it be possible to display the readings in streamline analysis?
I am sought of confused if any sample code is available as well as the suggestion to make it work according to my requirement will be very useful.

@Martin76, I don’t think you told us enough about your project to make any recommendations or offer sample code. Perhaps answering these questions would help:

  1. What do you mean by streamline analysis? The first result when googling “streamline analysis” is the weather forecasting by the National Weather Service (USA). Are you trying to read from their API or something? If not, where do you want to display these results? On a website, a digital display, etc.?

  2. What type of sensor are you reading from? What do the analog readings translate to? You may want to take a look at this discussion regarding reading 4-20mA signals.

  3. How often do you want to transmit readings?

  4. Posting a picture of your setup may help if you are already at that stage. If not, do you have a wiring diagram or schematic?

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