Strap Micro Recorder to Drone


Has anyone completed a project where a miniature/micro digital recorder is strapped to the leg of a Autel Robotics Evo 2 drone. Ive been told it can’t be down. I have found some Rode microphones which I could use, but its the recording of the sound is the hard bit.

I’m sure someone would have created something light that could be velcro’d to the aircraft.

The Evo 2 does have an SD slot on one side which records the vision, on the other side there is a USB-C slot which is used to download vision or upload firmware updates.



How would you record audio on a drone if the microphones are strapped underneath the loud propellers?

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Yes, have given a great deal of thought on how to deal with prop noise. I believe that with the right mics and software, I should be able to reduce background noise, especially when I’m trying to capture drag racing sound.

Are you aware of any Particle projects that can build a device small enough to record?

This is not really what particle is for. More generally I think you might want to prototype this with an off the shelf recorder on a larger drone and try out your audio processing algorithms in matlab/octave before committing a lot of time to building this hardware.

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