Store purchasing disabled?

I’m trying to order two cores through the store, and it won’t let me hit the button to go to paypal or use my credit card. Am I alone on this? Chrome, windows 8.1 x64


@kmmonk and @vivek can you help here?

Hey @MeHoo, are there any error messages you see on the screen? Have you double checked to make sure you filled out all the fields? If you have, did you use autofill from your browser to complete the checkout form? There may be some validations that aren’t firing correctly.

Also, any info on the browser you’re using would be very helpful! Thanks!

Chrome. win 8.1 x64

AFAIK there were no odd characters. I had two others try the same thing and both had no luck.

Perhaps if a field is invalid you should highlight it?

Not sure what was wrong so I ordered from adafruit. (Cheaper shipping anyways… bonus!)

I tried with and without auto-fill.